Hydraulock worked years in a dark chamber in order to design affordable and high quality building Technological system such these interlocking brick and block machines.

​Interlocking brick and block machine ,manufacturers of interlocking brick and block machine,makers of affordable , strong and robust brick machine.

 Our Dry-Stuck System was made possible after years of research, test and approval by local authorities before our block making machine manufacturing implementation took place and that is the effort from the team as a whole and our engineers.

​Affordable interlocking brick machine :

We are manufacturers of interlocking brick and block machine. We make affordable , strong and robust  brick machine. Our technology produces dry-stack block , interlocking Hydraulock blocks and pavers as well as accessories like sieve, block cutter, block testers, wheelbarrows, molds such as conduit ,capping and other brick and block making accessories.

Hdraulock Welcomes You

Our Machines can make .between 800 interlocking blocks to 2500 of the same blocks a day. the blocks are the most strong locking blocks in the world, soil and 7% of cement only based.

The blocks lock  at level thus making it one if not the tightest interlocking blocks mortar and cement free of its kind.

Building made easier

Mobile Soil-Cement Blocks System

Hydraulock Engineering, Maker of  Conventional Pavers And Interlocking ,Dry-Stack Blocks Machine as well as Bricks and Blocks Making Accessories 

HYDRAULOCK ENGINEERING offers you affordable interlocking machines

juste explain your projects to us and we will give you expert advice on the technology which is appropriate for you.

Training is available you 

Brick Layers training


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  Community Project Assistance

Hydraulock has assisted churches for mass building projects in wst Africa in his project call one church one house. We currently training various youth organization in West Africa to undertake brickyard project as well as building projects .

We are busy analyzing ways to provide interlocking block technology to the community at large for village enhancement project.

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Anyone can be trained as a brick layer with Hydraulock blocks.

Job creation is key in our training and you  can readily know how to be an expert builder 


Interlocking Brick machine has made thousands of unfinished buildings to be completed in record time since its arrival.

Most of the problems builders were facing have now been solved.

Problems include high cost of cement, sands, pillars, iron roads, air conditioning , labour cost and the lengthy period developers, governments, NGO or individual builders take to complete buildings.

Hydraulock focuses on training as one of the key component for success in building with our interlocking block and brick system. We have a number of skilled, trained and qualified trainers with experience who are able to provide comprehensive onsite training to all our clients worldwide.

We offer expert training which makes our clients and partners expert in making blocks and assisting builders who have our technologies. Hydraulock training will make you an expert in making quality blocks for quality houses.We send a trainer to your country to train you on your site when your machine arrives.

  Property Developers ,Builder, Contractor & Entrepreneur.

Hydraulock brings solution to property developers, Builders , contractors and Entrepreneurs to save 60 to 70% of cost on conventional building.

​ Hydraulock blocks are cost effective and can assist you in making load bearing and bullet-proof interlocking blocks system that are mortar less when building.

 Hydraulock Engineering has been serving business owners for years and people with less income to help achieve their building projects. We support and help our clients grow their businesses or achieve their building projects by adding a cost effective and easy to manufacture product to their business needs as well as giving them a state of the art training needed to guarantee success.

We Offer Training on your site


  Government Housing Scheme & Town Planning

We assist government in their mass building projects as a result of providing cost effective dry-stack building solution.

With Hydraulock blocks and pavers government can build a brand new town in a cost  effective way by using our technology.


We provide state of the art and cost effective machine to NGOs for all kind of housing projects. We have experience in the field and are fully involved in assisting you different NGOS all over the world.

​To achieve your construction project with affordable solution you will need a partner like Hydraulock Engineering.

We do the followngs: soil test, training, sample blocks making and provide for expert assistance if required.

  Mining Companies' Workers Accomodation Building Project

Mining companies are most of the time confronted with accomodation problems for their staff and in particular when moving a village away from a place allocated for a mining project to a new location . We provide solutions to such problems by providing our interlocking blocks making machine with training and the solution to build fast as Hydraulock blocks are fast and they are dry-stack load bearing blocks.